First cloud-programmable PLC

It monitors parameters such as pressure, energy consumption or temperatures. Controls motors, relays or valves and sends warning messages, when exceptional events occur.


Commissioning does not require specialist knowledge. Just provide power to D Zero, and a connection to our servers is established via the mobile network.


Connected sensors are configured via the web interface of the Datacake platform. The configuration is transferred to the hardware by mouse click.

€ 510,-*

* plus VAT

Incl. 1 year Cloud: € 654.00**
Technical Data
  • Housing matching top-hat DIN rail

  • +24V power supply

  • 2G/UMTS Modem with Embedded SIM 
    (LTE coming soon)

  • 6 analog 4-20mA inputs (DIN IEC 60381-1)

  • 8 digital inputs (edge counter up to 2 kHz)

  • 3 inputs for PT100 temperature sensors

  • 2 digital solid-state relays (24V, 500mA)

  • 1 half-duplex RS485 interface

  • Charge controller for lithium-ion battery

Functions / Features / Capabilities

Discover what is possible with D Zero.


Design dashboards for your device or fleet conveniently via the web interface. No programming knowledge required.

Enjoy the advantages of mobile communications

D Zero utilizes cellular technology for its IoT projects.

Embedded SIM

Ensure a continuous, uninterrupted and secure network connection at any time, anywhere in the world.

No open IP

Despite the convenience of being able to access the D Zero from outside at any time, its IP address is not publicly accessible.


Mobile radio discourages potential attackers because it is harder to attack than WLAN, Bluetooth or other wired networks.


From one signal to the other and back at the same time. Our hardware can communicate bidirectionally and energy-efficiently with each other.

Transparent rates

More transparent, uniform and above all the same tariff conditions worldwide with good network coverage. 


Thanks to mobile radio, software updates can be easily uploaded via FOTA without any disadvantages for use. 


Let us convince you.

You already have a good idea of how to use our technology in your application?

We would be pleased to visit you and demonstrate the capabilities of our IoT solution on site.





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