Your Tap.

We help optimize your processes, save costs and increase sales.

Digitize fill levels, flow rates, temperatures, pressures and many other values of your facilities. View all results on one central platform, anywhere in the world.

Experience Added Value in a Tangible Way.

In combination with the capabilities of our platform, the digitalization of your dispensing system provides the following added values:

Gain insight into the drinking behavior of your guests.

Check your statistics to see what type of beer runs better than others at what time.

Invite third parties to collaborate.

Give e.g. your brewery access to your data to digitize ordering or quality control.

Receive warnings if something goes wrong.

Receive notifications by SMS, e.g. before the barrel is empty or the temperature of your drinks gets too high.

Control the dispensing of your drinks in real time.

Capture to the milliliter what's being tapped. Ask your statistics when and where there have been dispensing losses.

Create new digital business models.

Network your tap with your digital cash register for milliliter-accurate billing via smartphone.

Record the cleaning of your dispensing system.

Provide evidence of cleaning of your dispensing system based on the sensor values recorded.

Make Use of Added Value as a Brewery.

No matter whether you as a brewery own several facilities (pubs, bars or restaurants) or use our technology yourself. Our solution offers extra advantages.

Property Management
Manage and monitor each of your facilities by creating separate zones and third-party access rights.

Sales / Statistics
Utilize data on drinking behavior to identify individual item sales in real time.

Check the filling levels of your tanks remotely. Plan the routes based on current demand data and constantly keep an eye on your logistics fleet.

Quality Management
Ensure that your customers' dispensing systems are adequately cleaned and that your beverages are stored under the correct conditions.

Fleet Management
Discover the condition of your facilities at a glance. Map the locations of your mobile dispensing trucks to keep them in view.

Maintenance / Inspection
Ensure that your customers have set the dispensing system correctly and be warned if parameters change.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere.

Combine our solution with other sensors to get deeper insights into your facilities.

Air Quality

Provide your guests with the best air at all times. Monitor your guests' respiratory air for temperature, humidity as well as air-borne fine dust and volatile organic compounds.

Noise Level

Measure the noise level within your facilities. See how the noise level correlates with the serving volume. Act when the noise reaches a critical level.

Plug & Play

We don't just deliver the software. Our online platform comes with the hardware ready-to-use. 

Here, we rely on the expertise of our partner MIB, a leading sensor manufacturer from Germany with many years of experience in the catering industry.


Accurate to the Milliliter

Measurement is carried out with ultrasonic flow sensors from our partner, MIB GmbH. They measure liquids with milliliters accuracy and are ideally suited for installation in dispensing systems as they are also convenient for sponge cleaning.

Easy to Install
This solution is based on plug-and-play hardware for which no programming or IT knowledge is required. Just connect the sensors to a box and the required power is supplied from there.

Mobile Communications
The measurement data is transmitted via the mobile phone network. Yet, you do not need separate contracts, and there are no roaming charges. Plus, the cellular network offers significantly greater security against malicious, local attacks from the network.


We Passed the Acid Test.

526 152.56 Liters at the Oktoberfest and the Cannstatter Wasen

In 2018, our solution was deployed at the Oktoberfest and the Cannstatter Wasen, where it proved to be battle-tested and withstood the harshest conditions, including a constant mobile connection despite hundreds of thousands of guests wearing smartphones.

In 2019 we will again be represented at both events enhancing the dispensing systems of selected tents. This time with even more measuring points.

Read all about the background in our case study
and find out why the breweries chose our solution for what reasons and which problems were solved by it.

We and the WIRtshaus

The Digital Local Pub

Have a look for yourself: In our neighboring village Ellewick, we equipped a local pub with our technology.

There, we deployed:
7 taps, each equipped with one flow meter per tap as well as auxiliary air quality and noise level sensors.

Test without risk.

Live Demo at the WIRtshaus

We would like to invite you to the dashboard of this pub and explain the advantages in a personal conversation (by phone or Skype).





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